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In order to remain globally competitive in a fast changing world of work, it is of fundamental importance that organizations know the capability of employees to perform specific role related function. This will position the organization to effectively cope with the changing demands in a dynamic and competitive business environment.
The assessment of relevant competencies forms an integral part of identifying potential, developing employees and eventually managing performance to ensure sustainability and effective application of competency.


An Assessment Centre is a structured process, whereby information is gathered and feedback is given to individuals, regarding their personal strengths and development needs to enable them to deliver a competent work output at a targeted role level. It is one of the most validated methods to identify both individual, as well as organizational capacity. The following phases are typical of an assessment centre process:

Phase 1: Job analysis and competency profiling
In the first phase, the required competencies are selected and matched against role outputs. This will ensure that competencies are aligned to the relevant work complexity theme to enable delivery of competent work outputs.

Phase 2: Assessment Centre design and customisation
Assessment centre exercises will be reviewed and customised according to the client’s needs. It is also possible for P4PE to design and develop new unique assessment exercises to fit the client’s business requirements. P4PE follows both a theoretical and simulation approach in developing assessment instrument/exercises by linking appropriate dimensions to the following areas:

  • Attitude
  • Behavioural Skills
  • Cognitive potential
  • Personality
  • Leadership
  • Etc.
The work complexity theme of the assessment centre will also be aligned to the appropriate level; this will be achieved by utilising P4PE’ Work Complexity Tool. P4PE also has practitioners to utilise the following instruments to assess Work Complexity.
  • IRIS: Initial Recruitment Interview Schedule
  • CPP: Cognitive Process Profile
  • CPA: Career Path Appreciation
  • P4PE’ Structured Work Complexity Interview
P4PE utilises a combination of the following job stimulation exercises in conducting occupational assessments:
  • In basket
  • Presentation
  • Leaderless group discussion
  • Biographical questionnaires
A pilot assessment centre will be performed for validation purposes when a new instrument has been designed.

Phase 3: Assessment Administration
During this phase P4PE will conduct the assessment centres in a one day session, usually in groups of four to eight. Assessment outcomes are then scored, results are interpreted and integrated. Reports are also complied per candidate.

Phase 4: Gap analysis
By analysing the data gathered in administering the assessments, P4PE is able to identify gaps in terms of complexity levels, competencies, development needs, etc. for each participant. This enables P4PE to formulate meaningful recommendations to the clients. It also provides valuable information for the development of personal development plans, performance management, and job placements.

Phase 5: Feedback
Individual feedback sessions will provide the individual with a holistic, reliable and objective interpretation of the assessment outcomes, and it will assist in the identification of required development interventions. P4PE will also provide feedback to management, focusing on critical competency gaps and the strengths and weaknesses of teams. The feedback will include advice on possible intervention plans/ programmes to rectify the identified gaps.

P4PE’s Assessment Centre services provide the following benefits for the company:
  • Pro-active support for the Talent Management process
  • Contextualised assessment of competencies
  • Holistic and integrated approach
  • Certified professionals with international HR institutes & bodies
  • Proper job/ role analysis
  • Improved performance management

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