Strategic Regional & Country Manager Development Master Class

Strategic Regional & Country Manager Development Master Class

Expanding your organization into new and foreign markets offers some of the most profitable opportunities in business today. But the challenges of leading, managing and motivating people of a different environment, country or culture .



Course Summary

Expanding your organization into new and foreign markets offers some of the most profitable opportunities in business today. But the challenges of leading, managing and motivating people of a different environment, country or culture, requires much more than replicating best practices from your home environment. Success across borders requires a leader to rethink, refocus and realign for business in unfamiliar markets.

The Country Manager Development & Business Leadership Master Class is designed to augment the assumptions and mindset that worked in familiar territory with the knowledge and tools required to lead in different countries and cultures. The program will help you develop a flexible and resilient strategy that is executable and measurable, offering a unique blend of global business acumen, street smarts, and diplomacy.

The programme also builds on your understanding of marketing theory, principles and practice and of the challenges facing the marketing manager operating in an international environment. You will explore the interface between international marketing and business strategy. This will help you to critically evaluate and gain practical experience of the way in which marketing contributes to the development, implementation and monitoring of organizational strategy and of the impact of changes in the international environment on marketing decisions and performance. Case studies and workshops will help you create challenging and achievable market growth plans.


Course Structure

This course is designed to offer a structured approach to the implementation of human capital analytics by following these five phases of development:

  • Cultural Issues Associated with Management of an Overseas Company
  • Driving Growth In Global Markets
  • Pricing in Emerging Markets
  • Fortune at the Bottom of the Pyramid
  • Discovery Driven Growth
  • Negotiating in a Global Environment
  • Corporate Diplomacy: Managing External Stakeholders
  • Corporate Diplomacy for Country Managers
  • Leading & Managing Abroad
  • Immigration/Expatriation Management
  • Country Manager Marketing Plan (Case Study Driven Session)
  • International/Country Growth Plan (Group Activity Session)
  • Managing and mitigating risks when doing business in foreign markets
  • Establishing price points
  • Brand building in local and global markets
  • Business Growth Strategies


Course Benefits - What do I learn?

  • Comprehensive Delegate Pack:
  • Complete set of course notes
  • Electronic consultancy process templates
  • Copies of interactive workshop records
  • Access to our evolving knowledge base
  • Client Management Skills:
  • Techniques to rapidly build credibility
  • Persuading and dealing with difficult clients
  • How to run problem solving workshops
  • Professional networking
  • Learn how to Market and sell your services
  • Tools and Techniques:
  • World-class consultancy process model
  • Techniques for developing strategy & policy
  • Organisational development frameworks
  • Methods to boost productivity & quality
  • Creative problem solving techniques
  • Approaches to consultancy fact finding
  • Change management frameworks
  • Efficiently organise your business operations
  • Establish your business direction


Target Participants

The Country Manager Programme is designed to advance the skills of senior leaders and those on track for leadership roles, primarily:

  • Country Managers
  • Managing Directors
  • Regional Managers/Directors & Presidents
  • Chief Operating Officers/General Managers
  • Chief Marketing Officers/Marketing & Brand Managers
  • Expatriates responsible for Revenue & Income
  • Business Development/Branch Managers
  • Senior Employees dealing with international markets



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MDP201 Weekday Ikeja,Lagos N157,000 26-July-2017 3 days Register Online

NOTE: To further leverage the value and impact of the Programme, we encourage organisations to send cross-functional teams of executives to P4PE Institute. We offer one of two exciting group benefits to companies sending three or more participants to this programme.

Course Registration

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