DMA -Mobile Application Development

Mobile Application Development

Analize, Design, Build the Next Gen Mobile Application


About This Course

With the P4PE Mobile App Development training curriculum, you can learn to build responsive and robust mobile applications using the most in-demand programming languages for smartphones including Java, C# and Swift. Gain skills in responsive web design, enterprise integration, and learn to implement mobile data security best practices.

It provides students with the specialized knowledge that is important in the development of web computer applications. Students will study and gain experience with the languages and frameworks that are most commonly used in developing these applications, with the design of user interfaces and software systems, and with associated topics such as networking, hosting infrastructure, and security. They will also learn the fundamental principles on which these topics are based, so that they will be prepared for the new technologies that are constantly being developed.


Course Content

The follwoing will be covered:

  • Part 1: The Android Platform: Introduction to the Android platform and the Android Studio IDE, Android components, Activities
  • Part 2: User Interface Design: Intents, Activity lifecycle, UI Design: Widgets and Layouts, UI Events, Event Listeners
  • Part 3: Graphics Support in Android: Drawables, Basics of Material Design, 2D graphics: Canvas/Drawing using a view
  • Part 4: Multimedia in Android: Audio playback and MediaPlayer, SoundPool
  • Part 5: Networking support: Basics of networking in Android, AsyncTask, HttpURLConnection
  • Part 6: Cross Platform App Developement
  • Part 7: Objective-C
  • Part 8: Xamarin & Sencha Touch Mobile Framework
  • Part 9: Appcelerator Titanium for Mobile Application

This course covers development of mobile apps for android, iOS, Blackberry and Windows OS from Google, Apple, RIM and Microsoft respectively. The fundamentals include programming in Java, C and C++. The course covers one OS at a time and participants are at liberty to choose which one they want to learn at a time.

  • 1. Android Developer
  • 2. iOS Developer
  • 3. Blackberry Developer
  • 4. Windows 7 Developer


Course Benefits - What do I learn?

Learning Outcomes

  • Describe the basic components of smartphone applications
  • Define the lifecycle methods of Android & iOS application components
  • Describe the basics of event handling
  • Describe the basics of graphics and multimedia support in Android
  • Demonstrate basic skills of using an integrated development environment and Software Development Kit (SDK) for implementing mobile applications
  • Demonstrate through a simple application the understanding of the basic concepts of mobile application development



Target Participants

  • Business/System Analyst
  • Application Developers
  • Those undertaking software projects
  • Freelancers
  • Bloggers and Content curators
  • Digital Marketers
  • Students and recent graduates
  • All those interested in learning and using application development skills

NOTE: In order to benefit as an organisation, we strongly recommend that at least 2 - 3 participants attend from the same organisation.

Course Assessment & Certificate

To qualify for your official P4PE DMA Certificate of Accomplishment you must study and complete all modules and successfully complete ALL course work and score 75% or more in each of the course assessments.


Code: Course: Type: Location: Fees: Start date: Duration: Register:
DMA040 Mobile Application Weekday Ikeja,Lagos N60,000 8-Jan-2018
8 Weeks Register Online
DMA040 Mobile Application Weekend Ikeja,Lagos N60,000 30-Jun-2018
12 Saturdays Register Online

What do I get for my fee?

  • Full set of bound notes
  • Free Internet Access while at the P4PE DMA Lab
  • Access to your online student portal & Forum
  • Content Expert Lecturer & Coaching
  • Excellent learning and information facilities

Pre-requisite: web design .