CCSP/CCSL-Certified Customer Service Leader/Professional Certification

CCSP/CCSL-Certified Customer Service Leader/Professional Certification

An International Professional Certification Exam Preparation Course
In today's highly competitive working environment, professional development is a necessity to stay current in your field. Many professionals have found that international certification gives them an edge. Certification provides recognition of professional achievement, aids in your career advancement, serves as a visual reminder of your professional status, demonstrates a mastery of knowledge on an international level and a commitment to keeping abreast of new developments in the field, and provides you with evidence of broad-based knowledge, experience and competence in your field.



Course Summary

The Certified Customer Service Leader/Professional Certification was designed to capture the core customer service duties for a broad range of entry-level through first-line supervisory positions across the sales and service industries. The credential is appropriate for anyone interested in obtaining a jab or pursuing a career in retail and other industries that value customer service skills. This course provides participants with the basic concepts and current trends in the customer service industry. Special areas of emphasis include problem solving, development of a customer service strategy, creating customer service systems, coping with challenging customers, customer retention, and measuring satisfaction.

The goal?  More customers, more sales, loyal customers, and a workforce devoted to making your customers happy. From advanced customer service skills training systems, world acclaimed customer service books, the leading organization in customer service strategic seminars to the state-of-the-art customer service video-based programs, Service Quality Institute is the World Leader in Customer Service Training and Development. We help you produce immediate and measurable results!


Course Content & Structure

  • Introduction: What is Customer Service?
  • The Challenges of Customer Service
  • Problem Solving
  • Strategy for Formulating a Plan for Success
  • Empowerment Communications in Customer Service
  • Coping with Challenging Customers
  • Motivation
  • Leadership in Customer Service
  • Customer Retention and Measurement of Satisfaction
  • Technology and Customer Service
  • Excellence in Customer Service
  • Team Work
  • Internal Customer Service

Course Benefits - What do I learn?

CCSP/CCSL qualified professionals prove precious assets for their employers not only because they tend to raise the bar for performance, productivity and service quality, but also because, they infuse new professional energy in the workplace and help make the work-culture and environment global. Most typically, CCSP/CCSL qualified individuals deploy almost immediately on new assignments and can immerse quickly in new product-domains and geographies. They don't gestate for long and begin turning in the expected work-performance in more complex processes, horizontals and verticals much quicker than their non-certified counterparts.



Target Participants

Leaders, managers and supervisors who want to master the skills critical to nurturing a service culture. Service champions who want to improve their coaching and reinforcement skills.  Service champions who want to improve their coaching and reinforcement skills and learn how to facilitate Leading Empowered Teams and Feelings to build a more customer-driven organization.
Individuals who desire to leap into the bigger league of employers but who are currently working Customer Service heads in small companies
Professionals already working as Customer Service managers or supervisors in large organizations but they now want an international qualification in Customer Service management to increase their professional prominence.



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NOTE: To further leverage the value and impact of this Programme, we encourage organisations to send cross-functional teams to P4PE Institute. We offer one of two exciting group benefits to companies sending three or more participants to this programme.

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