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What We Look For

Curious? Check. Adaptable? It’s essential. Resourceful and ready to turn on a dime? That’s another common characteristic of the candidates who succeed at P4PE.

As the business environment continues to evolve at a lightning-fast pace, it’s the energy and enthusiasm of our people that keep us at the forefront of innovations.

Roles and responsibilities

As an organisation we are insightful, committed and courageous: inspiring, supporting and engaging with colleagues and delivering tangible business benefit to clients.

We are passionate about our clients’ business and pride ourselves on the fact that we identify issues and challenges that others don’t.

So we look for people who are bright and inquisitive, who will act on their own initiative and who enjoy a challenge.

Everyone has the opportunity to succeed, regardless of their ethnicity, gender, age, background or orientation. We believe that diversity widens the range of experience and possibilities for our clients.

As a responsible employer we take active steps to ensure that all employees are treated equally and fairly in terms of recruitment, training, promotion, reward and overall career progression.

Read more about the roles and expectations for our various consulting levels:

Senior consultants

Helping us - and our clients - drive forward

Our senior consultants should have deep expertise as advisors and be able to manage long-term client relationships and develop more junior colleagues. Key competencies include the ability to come up with genuinely innovative solutions and to anticipate the long-term needs of clients.

Senior consultants also need to be able to analyse issues and scenarios effectively and understand what the underlying issues are. At this level, we also look for strong evidence of leadership ability. Senior consultants have to be able to motivate, develop and inspire others. Above all, our senior consultants have to have a hunger for driving forward both the businesses of our clients, and of our business. The best thrive on new responsibilities and have an active commitment to getting the best from their teams.

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A strong drive to achieve

Consultants have a wide range of competencies. They will be at the front end of most consulting engagements, so they need to be able to explain complex, technical and sensitive issues in simple, straightforward and intuitive ways. Clients rely on them to take a long-term perspective and to provide the necessary analyses to back this up.

Consultants are expected to be decisive when action needs to be taken and to demand exacting standards from themselves and colleagues. They also need outstanding interpersonal and communication skills.

As with senior consultants, our consultants have a strong drive to achieve and develop themselves and their colleagues and clients. We look for evidence of learning and knowledge sharing as well as for a strong focus on helping others get results.

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Associate consultants

Flexibility for success

The main things we look for in associate consultants is a drive to learn, team work, a passion to improve the effectiveness of client organisations and a commitment to accurate delivery. Flexibility is key: they should fit their behaviour to the situation or the individual they are dealing with and to take specific actions to meet the client’s needs.

We expect to see evidence of initiative and of soliciting colleagues’ help with specific issues or decisions. Associate consultants need to be able to research and work through multiple causal links and apply models and concepts accurately. They should have a confidence in their own ability and in their own limits and have the influencing skills to handle the demands of others.

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Non-consulting roles

Our support functions help us to operate effectively and efficiently

Our consultants are the face and lifeblood of our business, working with clients both large and small, global and local. But our non-consulting staff plays a critical part in maintaining our operations and helping our consultants to serve our clients.

Broadly these roles fall into the following functions:

  • human resources – not surprisingly as a management consultancy specialising in human capital issues & challenges we take this function seriously. We expect our HR people to demonstrate best practice in their work but, as with all our employees, we help them do this by actively developing them professionally. Our HR people recruit new consultants and staff; they work with general managers to maintain staffing levels, and on broader HR policies and programs to support our business and our people.
  • marketing – promoting our business to prospective clients, journalists, academics and recruits
  • finance and accounting – managing reporting and investments at local, country and global levels
  • IT – maintaining the infrastructure of our communications, networking, and collaborative tools and processes so that we can work together on client or internal project teams, whether in the same office or across borders
  • administrative support – assisting our consultants in staying organised and efficient in delivering work for clients

As an integral part of our business, these functions and the dedicated people in them allow us to deliver the best results for clients.

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Joel Omeike!, CEO P4PE Institute“When hiring, I seek grit, persistence, curiosity, determination, adaptability, competitiveness and scientific orientation. That is fact and evidence-driven, hypothesis-forming and willing to change your mind. These traits are ingredients for limitless potential in people. The antithesis of dogma, pedigree, privilege and entitlement.”
Joel Omeike!, Founder/CEO, P4PE Institute


Our team of professionals are always looking for strong contributors with a knack for leading change. We need your experience and expertise. If you value Passion, Professionalism and Excellence, then learn more about our professional opportunities.
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Life at P4PE

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Team Descriptions

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In 2011 our company was founded on a dinning table. Since then we've experienced year-over-year growth, like a 150% increase in annual revenue between 2012 and 2013.

In 2014 we increased our company headcount by 50%, In 2015 we released our first application. And we're not done. Join us to become part of our growth.

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Graduate Interns

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In addition to our competitive compensation plans, we offer excellent health and wellness benefits, flex spending accounts, Staff Savings with employer match, a dedicated advisor, continued training and development, and a whole lot of fun. We've got you covered.
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