The Talent Grid


The Talent Grid Whitepaper
The Talent Grid Whitepaper

Recognising leadership potential is no easy matter. It is one of the major research subjects in management literature. In this whitepaper you will find a description of the Talent Grid. What does this model have to add? It is an accessible and simple model, which has evolved from practical experience. The model has proved to be one that is easy to use by both professionals and management for the selection, assessment and development of talent. The added value of the Talent Grid lies primarily in the fact that it provides the opportunity for communicating in one ‘language’ on the issue of management qualities.


“Ambition and risk-taking are not easy to develop, but organisational sensitivity often is.”

The Talent Grid has a variety of practical applications. In assessing potential, the grid can help to determine the directions of development of (future) managers. It can also contribute to an objective approach to the discussion of comparing people, for example in personnel planning and promotion issues. It can be used as a general indication of differences between people (the axes), but also to identify the finer differences (in terms of behaviour) between people. Determining the behavioural characteristics makes it possible to approach the dimensions in an objective and measurable fashion. The manager can form a good impression of his (future) employee through criteria-based interviews and observations. The STAR methodology is often used in this interviewing technique. By posing specific questions on practical examples and specific situations, tasks, activities and results (S.T.A.R.) within those examples, quite accurate conclusions can be drawn regarding the competencies of the applicant or employee. The point is to collect examples of proven past behaviour as a prediction of future behaviour.



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