DREAM CHASING – How To Achieve Extraordinary Goals Each Year



Pleasant day to you, trust you have had an impactful year. For some, 2017 is just another year gone by; for some others, it was full of regrets, near misses, and actual misses. But for some others, it was so eventful they have the scars on their personal development, career progression, business start-up and growth and life to show for it. Whatever your own part of the story, 2017 is now part of history.

In exactly five days’ time, the year 2018 will berth. It will anchor at your door post never to leave. If you haven’t thought about it, it is time to consider what dreams to chase in 2018.

#DREAMCHASERS always achieve more, have more and live more fulfilling lives than those who allow life to hit them like a high-speed burning train. #DreamChasers live a few years of their life like most people won’t, so they can spend the rest of their life like others can’t.

I am dedicating 2018 to all #DreamChasers out there. Whether you are chasing personal dreams, or business dreams, social dreams, spiritual goals – just know that it is more than possible to achieve whatever you set your passion to. Hustle it out to a successful end.

Today, we start our countdown to the #DreamChasers year, 2018. It is now Day -005.
Tomorrow, we shall engage more on how to chase personal dreams including education, professional development, career/job change, health & fitness and relationships.

On Thursday, we will examine chasing business dreams while on Friday we shall look at planning to chase your dreams in 2018. Each post includes simple to apply suggestions, checklists and tools you need to successfully plan and achieve your dreams in 2018.

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Joel Omeike!
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