#DreamChasers Day -003

A lot of people dream of having their own personal business but really have not done anything about it. Some others have been worried about the abysmal performance and undergrowth of their business. They wish it could grow bigger, return more rewards etc. Well, 2018 is a perfect opportunity to actual chase these dreams.

Set about working on your business next year. Here are areas you can work on:

Quitting Your Day Job:
Sometimes it is so hard to let go of something that pays your bills monthly. Yet some complain and hate their job. Why on earth will you spend years working without fulfilment? Living from paycheck to paycheck. It is time to plan towards finding your passion and making a business out of it. Get to work on this in 2018.

Starting Up your business:
Some have written several business plans, attending a lot of courses on starting a business, but still, haven’t found that perfect business idea or the strength to float one. Others have given up because they can’t find sponsors or funding for the business. 2018 presents yet another opportunity to give it your best shot. Make sure by this time next year you have a business card that reads: Founder, Co-Founder, CEO, MD, Chairman or Owner.

Transforming your dying business:
Your product and service quality is dropping. Your revenues are on a downward spiral every month. Customers don’t come back. The best employees are leaving. Supplies don’t make you a priority anymore. Investors are pooling out. The banks are calling every day threatening closure. Give that business of you’re the best transformation next year. Bring it back to life and achieve more.

Growing your business:
You have dangled at the bottom of your industry for too long, unable to expand and spread your business. You wish every time to open that second store, hire more staff, and move into a bigger office space, but it just doesn’t add up. Chase the dream in 2018 and grow that business of yours.

Developing New Products/Markets:
Have you carried the same products and services for too long? Have you targeted the same market all over and over again? Is competition stealing your lunch daily? Work on what the strategies call “Blue Oceans” and find new products and markets you can serve. Doing this may even transform and grow your business. Get help in 2018 and work on your products markets
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